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Turkish trans celebrity and actress Bulent Ersoy (from left), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his wife Emine Erdogan and Turkish singer Sibel Can attend a Ramzan dinner in Istanbul.Turkish trans celebrity and actress Bulent Ersoy (from left), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his wife Emine Erdogan and Turkish singer Sibel Can attend a Ramzan dinner in Istanbul.Several hundred riot policemen surrounded the main Taksim Square — where demonstrations have been banned since major anti-government protests in 2013 — to stop the protest from taking place.
Ms Ersoy (64) underwent sex reassignment surgery in London in the 1980s.Earlier on Sunday, Istanbul riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to prevent a “Trans Pride” event taking place during Ramzan.Istanbul authorities said on Friday they had banned the annual gay pride parade set for June 26 China Grommet Suppliers to “safeguard security and public order” after a string of bombings around Turkey over the past year. (Photo: AFP)President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared a Ramzan dinner with Turkey’s best-known transgender celebrity hours after the riot police broke up an LGBT rally in Istanbul, pictures distributed by his office on Monday showed. (Photo: AFP) ERDO.
The pictures show the couple sharing a meal with “The Diva”, as Ms Ersoy is known in Turkey, at the official presidential residence in the Istanbul suburb of Tarabya.The conservative president and his headscarf-clad wife on Sunday shared their traditional iftar meal at the end of the Muslim fasting day with a group of artists including Turkish trans celebrity and actress Bulent Ersoy. She became a celebrity but also faced verbal and even physical attacks at home.The demonstrators unfurled a rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, and then tried to read a statement but were prevented from doing so by the police

Upper Abdomen After Eating A Small MealHeartburn

In most of the cases, pain is felt once the disease spreads to the bones, lymphnodes or liver. Pylori infection and/or inflame/damage stomach tissue directly. Bethune, consultant medical oncologist and haematologist at the American Oncology Institute explains, “Of late, we are seeing a lot of young patients suffering from an aggressive form of gastric cancers. This incidence has been recorded at two to six per cent, according to the clinical evaluations from 12 major cancer registries in the country.75 gm per day in case of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and uncontrolled hypertension.8 to eight per cent, which is an alarming number. 
There are options to completely or partially remove the tumour through surgery. H. Only 1 in 5 such cases are found at an early stage. The incidence of gastric cancer has been recorded at 6. Alcohol and tobacco are also additional factors which are secondary reasons for stomach cancer. If it’s in the advanced stages then radiotherapy and chemotherapy are being done.Do you crave for salted foods Does less salt in your food make you angry and reject the plate of food SALT. pylori infection is found in 60 to 80 per cent of the gastric cancers which have been wholesale rubber seal strip recorded in North and North-eastern region in India. This was not the case earlier. BethuneSalt intake is found to increase H. Dr Bharat Vaswani, consultant oncologist and haematologist at Yashoda Hospital explains, “Most of the incidences come to light when a person is complaining of constant pain in the abdomen, feeling of heaviness and also swelling of abdomen.Do you crave for salted foods Does less salt in your food make you angry and reject the plate of food If so, think twice and change the habit as salt is one of the reasons for increasing incidences of stomach cancer in India. Vijay Anand Reddy, director, Apollo Cancer Hospital explains, “Majority of the patients are diagnosed too late because of the non-specific symptoms of both these cancers. 
Stomach cancer risk is 68 per cent higher among people with high salt intake compared to those with low salt intake, according to a meta-analysis. Hence it is becoming very important to opt for programmes which are related to gastric health at the national level which will make people aware and also ensure regular screening. This is one of the reasons why the World Health Organisation has recommended 6gm of salt per day for a normal person and reduced it to 3.”Treat early for survival chancesDr Naidu N.” Detection in advanced stage only Dr Bharat VaswaniUnfortunately, early-stage stomach cancer rarely causes symptoms. Change in the lifestyle is one of the reasons for these cancers striking the young early.”The most prone to stomach cancerHelicobacter pylori (H. Dr P. Pylori)Working in rubber productionTobacco smokingX-radiation, gamma-radiationLimited/Probable risk factorsAsbestosEpstein-Barr virusInorganic lead compoundsNitrate or nitrite[a]Pickled vegetables (traditional Asian)Salted fish, chinese-styleSaltSalted/salty foodsSymptoms to watch out forVague discomfort in the abdomen, usually above the navelA sense of fullness in the upper abdomen after eating a small mealHeartburn or indigestionPoor appetiteWeight loss (without trying)Vomiting, with or without bloodLow red blood cell count (anaemia). Salt and salty foods are classified by the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) as a probable cause of stomach cancer.Majority diagnosed too lateDr P.Nasopharyngeal cancer is found among those aged between 15-25 and 50-60, while gastric cancers are seen in those 60 years and above. The pain is generally not there in the earlier stage. The other reasons for gastric cancers are spicy food, high intake of chilly, dried meat, fish and pickles. 

Breakthrough Friday Into The Cause

The chemical has shown up in tests in other labs, too, including a US Food and Drug Administration lab in Cincinnati that found vitamin E acetate in half of the more than 400 THC samples. Lab workers looked for a range of substances that had been found in various vaping devices, including nicotine, THC and other marijuana components, plant oils, mineral oil and cutting agents used on the black market.Many who got sick said they had vaped liquids that contain THC, the high-inducing part of marijuana, with many saying they got them from friends or bought them on the black market.
For the latest test, the CDC used fluid extracted from the lungs of 29 patients in 10 states, including two who died.”Portland State University’s Robert Strongin, who’s researched e-cigarettes, welcomed the CDC report but cautioned it doesn’t mean other ingredients in vaping products are safe.Pirkle said thickeners like vitamin E acetate probably would not be routinely added to nicotine liquids, which need to be more watery for vaping.”US health officials announced a breakthrough Friday into the cause of a mysterious outbreak of vaping illnesses, reporting they have a “very strong culprit.E-cigarettes and other vaping devices heat a liquid into an inhalable vapor.About two months ago, New York drew attention to vitamin E acetate when the state’s public health lab discovered it in samples of vaping products from sick patients..Vitamin E acetate has only recently been used as a thickener in vaping fluid, particularly in black market vape cartridges. 
It’s sticky and stays in the lungs — the CDC’s Dr. Most products contained nicotine, but THC vaping has been growing more common. “They still could cause long-term harm,” he said.It was an exhaustive list of more than 1,000, said Pirkle, who oversees agency’s chemical analysis labs.“We really need the animal study to nail down cause and effect,” he said. “This was the only thing they O-Ring Kit Suppliers found. While vitamin E is safe as a vitamin pill or to use on the skin, inhaling oily droplets of it can be harmful.Juul Labs, maker of the top-selling brand of e-cigarette, issued a statement after the CDC announcement, noting that its nicotine products do not contain THC or any vitamin E compounds. In some instances, it made up more than half of the liquid in the cartridges.

Sells Mostly Cosmetics And Styling Tools

Shares of a number of specialized beauty retailers fell on Monday after Amazon.com Inc said it had started selling beauty products used by licensed stylists, barbers and beauticians.Shares of Sally Beauty Holdings, which targets industry professionals, sank 17 per cent, while those of Ulta Beauty Inc fell about 3 per cent.
They are the just the latest to suffer from Wall Street’s concern about moves by the world’s largest retailer into a series of niche or more regulated markets.Last year, US pharmacy chains and drug wholesalers such as CVS, Walgreen and McKesson Corp lost billions in market value when Amazon took its first step into the online pharmacy by buying here small existing player PillPack.Amazon typically uses its scale and online profile to offer a wider range of products at lower prices, putting pressure on margins of existing players.“Currently, stylists often travel to multiple cosmetology supply locations to get necessary supplies,” oil Seal Suppliers Jefferies analysts said. “We expect Amazon to quickly become an important enough channel for brands to carry their top offerings on the platform.”
Amazon said stylists would need to upload their state-issued licenses and create a business account to buy products from the new store, which the company said would stock brands including Wella Professionals and OPI Professional.Its entry will directly threaten about 19 per cent of Sally Beauty’s operating profit and an additional 33 per cent was likely to see pressure from more competition, according to DA Davidson analysts.Ulta, however, will see lesser pain as it sells mostly cosmetics and styling tools, which account for only 19 per cent of total sales, the analysts said.The companies did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment.Shares of the e-commerce retailer were trading 0.2 per cent higher at USD 1,913.16.
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